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wholesale e cigarette
wholesale e cigarette
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    Graceful and gorgeous e-cigarette J125 Aurora

        Recently JSB R&D a disposable e-cigarette. From outside to inside, J125 Aurora gives customer better enjoyment. Appearance with black and blue makes it mysterious and has dream color. Comfortable food-silicone mouthpiece, soft and full taste, all these insure customer healthy and cosy smoking.


    iCigar7, comfortable experience just like real cigar

        Cigar as noble enjoyment business card  always chased by some people. Along with ecigarette’s global prevalence,some Cigar Aficionados like e cigar little by little. After announcing disposable ecigars, JSB releases electronic cigar iCigar7, from appearance to taste all show natural color of cigar, let you experience cosey like real cigar.


    H2 brings comfortable and convenient smoking enjoyment

        As the updated PCC of JSB, H2 continues previous B2 performance advantage. Using Contact-type charging and space design of containing whole ecigarette, providing smooth and convenient experience for customer.


    Durable enjoy comfortable taste of disposable eShisha J11120

    Like JSB previous eshisha,there are many colors choices,but the puffs of Disposable eShisha J11120 reaches to 1050 ,and seeing from its surface is more beautiful.


    Experiencing disposable eShisha various tastes with different colour

        According to color psychology and nature of flavor, JSB e-cigarette company R&D and announces disposable eShisha. Simple and fresh feature let us feel fresh and elegance.while smoking,we will find sporadic fragrance and rich taste.


    eHookah1 opens electronic hookah cosey experiece

        JSB launches eHookah1 after electronic hook eHookah, compared with first one, eHookah is little larger. However, it offers 800 puffs and owns perspective oil cup, brings durable and cosey experience.